DETAILS ON SELF-PORTRAIT WITH PSYCHOPOMP 2008.10 Dimensions: Approx 75 cm x 75 cm x 10 cm. The word "psychopomp" refers to a mythical figure (Greek mythology) who escorts the souls of the living to the other world. In this case, the "psychopomp" is the insect-like "creature" located to the lower left of the artist's childhood photo (made of natural seed-pods, paint, gold leaf, feathers and small plastic parts). Other items include a "celestial object" at upper left (polymer clay), above two Japanese gourds (hyoutan), which have been gilded with gold and silver leaf. To the right of the portrait is a "Tree of Heaven" made of some natural twigs, polymer clay leaves and glass spheres; above the portrait is a coil of electroluminescent wire (which is also hidden within the portrait frame); below the portrait are three "orthoceri" fossils. The work is set in a deep wooden frame with a piece of natural tree bark at the bottom of the frame with a painted backing (acrylic) to which natural leaves have been attached.

Self-portrait Close up
Close up of photo of artist as a young child.

Psycopomp Close up
Close up of "Psychopomp."

Heavenly Tree Close up
Close up "Heavenly Tree."

Gourds Close up
Close up of Japanese Gourds (hyoutan)

Celestial Object Close up
Close up "Celestial Object."

Orthoceri Fossils Close up
Close up Orthoceri Fossils.