Song of 9-Thread Construction

A thread of red, a thread of blue
Crossing over one of greenish hue,
A thread of orange, of yellow threads there's two:
One pale yellow, one yellow deeper through.
A thread of lavender, one purple, and one mauve--
All 9 threads singing loudly high above
Our canted heads below,
Telling us to go cautiously and slow,
To take care and to give care to one another,
Lest we thoughtlessly give others cause for pain...
The broken thread cannot be tied again.

--from a collection of poems called SONGS WITHOUT SOUND

Title: NINE-THREAD CONSTRUCTION 2003.5 / Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 64 cm x 90 cm

3D Construction of airbrushed plywood, circular wooden form with gessoed wood veneer attachments, wooden beads, copper rod, embroidery thread (9 separate colors, hence the title), hard and sponge rubber.

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