PRAYER WHEEL #2  2006.01

Title: Prayer Wheel #2 2006.07 / Dimensions: Approx. Diameter 110 cm/Depth 20 cm

Motorized Assemblage: bits of painted wood, driftwood, bamboo fishing rod tips, bamboo strips, wooden beads, brass incense burner, rubber belt, small geared motor, orgami "prayer flowers" (a total of 5,120 repetitions of the Tibetan mantra: "OM MANI PADME HUM," which is believed to invoke the blessings of Lord Chenrezig, the God of compassion. Unfortunately, the weight of the prayer flowers and wooden beads was too much for the bamboo "wheel" to support, and the piece eventually self-destructed. Just after completion, however, a brief video of the piece in operation was made and stored on the web.

Prayer Flower Close-up

Prayer Flower Close-up

(See also Prayer Wheel 2003.6)