Song of Guardians of Duality

"The Earth's a sphere, that's that! So let there be
An end to quarrelsome debate!"
"I disagree! An oblate spheroid 'tis for me!
Your model simply isn't accurate!"
The truth, it seems, lies somewhere in between,
Putting to the test our logic's frailty,
In truth, Truth's known only by the few
And they're not telling, the Guardians of Duality.
To their discourse we humans are not privy,
Yet, thanks to them, the stars above us shine
And all of Nature, bountiful and busy,
Blooms ceaselessly, oblivious to our minds'
Models, so simple and naive.
How foolish to think that She would weave
A tapestry so plain as to be read
With only those machines within our heads.
Her text is far too subtle, delicate.
Truth cannot be revealed by mere debate.
It requires contemplation deep and long
To understand Creation and Causality.
As for keeping the whole show humming along...
That's best left to the Guardians of Duality.

--from a collection of poems called SONGS WITHOUT SOUND

Title: Guardians of Duality / 36 cm dia. x 1.3 m
Illuminated 3D-Construction made of wood, plastic, copper, agate, ceramic, copper leaf, driftwood, and light source with the theme of "two worlds", one of natural forms and the other of ideal forms, and the monk-like "demigods" who maintain the duality. Exhibited in the 35th Annual Toyota Citizens Art Exhibition.