Title: WARNING MESSENGER 2002.5 / Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm

3D construction: wooden dowels and framewood, balsa wood, mask, Japanese gourd (hyoutan), plastic pot scraper, bamboo rod, paper, velvet, dried and dyed seed-pod membranes from the Lunaria plant, infra-red sensor, gold leaf, various lacquer paints.

Song of Warning Messenger

O, ye sad, little beings of Earth!
From a far distant world I come to warn
List now my song, lest you regret the birth
Of living things upon your planet frail
Now must you my bidding do, my warning heed
If from your dreadful Fate you would be freed. . .
Five tasks I set you to right your heinous wrongs
Do not fail!
You and all things now alive on Earth
Totter on bleak extinction's brink
Which I could cause with just a simple blink
And why? Because you act, but do not think
What ruin and suffering your actions bring!

You fell the forests, contaminate the seas,
Ancient habitats you lay to waste,
Paving the way to famine and disease.
The air you foul by burning sparse oil
For which you war in endless killing sprees
Creating chaos, strife, and dark turmoil!
Your cruelty to each other, your vicious greed
Which madly drives you, makes revenge your creed
Have filled the Cosmos with a noxious smell
Of your Heavenly planet you make a reeking Hell
I am the all-knowing One, the all-seeing Eye
And my sentence for your crime's that you should die!
Yet, I'd rather treat you in another fashion
For in my heart there stirs a deep compassion
For all things sentient, all things living, knowing,
All things humble, all things giving, seeking, growing
Thus, to your race a second chance I'll give
That you your errant ways may mend and learn to live
In harmony eternal and blessed peace
But first you must all war and rape of Nature cease!
If you do not, an end to all your kind
Who live by passions wild and not by mind
I'll bring, I promise you!
Now listen to these 5 things I bid you do.
Do them earnestly and well,
For if you do not, (beware my warning true!)
Then you must be prepared for fiery Hell.
Your demise, will be, alas, without distinction
Save one: humanity's complete and quick extinction
The five tasks, which I bid you do, are these. . .

--from a collection of poems called SONGS WITHOUT SOUND