Song of Direction Finder

I point the way along the path that's sure!
So follow it, it's sure to go
To just that place where...well, you know!
The place, which you've long sought
To find, the place they taught
You never to go to.... Never mind
How many times you lost your way
Each time you tried to go there,
Winding up, well, quite frankly, nowhere.
Winding up confused and lost,
Almost a tragedy for all the cost
In time wasted, energy spent,
Yet not a bit nearer the place to pitch your tent.
Traveller, be of good cheer!
A faithful compass to you I'll be,
Nor let you from your chosen path far wander
So take a deep breath, exhale, breathe easily...
Stay close behind! I'm your Direction Finder.

--from a collection of poems entitled SONGS WITHOUT SOUND

Title: Direction Finder / Dimensions: 43 cm x 43 cm x 180 cm

Illuminated, kinetic 3D-construction made of wood, glass, aluminum, marble, nylon, rubber, various paints, gold and silver leafs, metal, light source and motor, in which a high-intensity halogen lamp lights as the rotating piece transits across the four cardinal points of the compass as indicated on the base (not shown in photo) Awarded Excellence Award in the 36th Annual Toyota Citizens Art Exhibition, 1998. Double Index # refers to the fact that major improvements and additions were made after the original construction. |BACK|